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Maximize Your Tax Savings

Maximize Your Tax

Unlock unparalleled tax strategies that safeguard your earnings and minimize liabilities

Unlocking Your Tax Savings Potential

Are you ready to slash your tax obligations, boost business revenue, or navigate complex financial terrain? BBSI Tax is here to offer invaluable guidance every step of the way. As a tax strategist specializing in real estate, our focus is on clients just like you, ensuring your financial goals are not just met, but surpassed.

The Path to Tax Strategy Success

Path to Tax Strategy Success

The Path to Tax Strategy Success Explained

Discovery Call

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Short 15 minute call or zoom to get to know you and what you are looking for. If we can assist we will book a Comprehensive Consult and get you set up in our secure one stop portal that even has an app!

Short Questionnaire & Upload

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In this questionnaire you will upload your 2 last filed tax returns (business and personal). We will also ask a few questions about what you are looking for so we can prepare for our meeting together.

Tax Return Review

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During this step, our office conducts a detailed review of your returns. We assess your business situation and arrange a meeting to determine how to optimize your taxes. We will inform you of any overlooked deductions or other significant items. All of this will be reviewed with you during the Comprehensive Consultation.

Comprehensive Consult

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It's time to meet via Zoom! We will map out our upcoming path, thoroughly reviewing both personal and business areas to ensure we have all the facts necessary to maximize your deductions. Additionally, we will discuss wealth building and structure to ensure your financial success.

Trifecta & Meeting Summary

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After the meeting, you can expect a meeting summary along with what we refer to as a Trifecta, illustrating how the flow and structure of your business and personal finances come together with retirements and trusts. We will also send over a proposal for us to strategize with you quarterly, which also includes your tax return preparation. More details will be covered in the proposal. If you are joining us after April, your prorated invoice for the current year's taxes will also be uploaded. If you want additional services such as bookkeeping, payroll, or BOI, just let us know.

Strategic Planning and Ongoing Support

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The final step is setting up the quarterly strategy sessions. During these sessions, we will unpack the discussed strategies, review which are still the most important, and make adjustments as needed for any changes that come up during the year. Although sessions are scheduled quarterly, the secure portal via the computer or app is always available for you to message us. We want to ensure you contact us throughout the year before making significant moves, so we can plan for them accordingly rather than after when there is not much we can do.

We work hard to make the paperwork less confusing.

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