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Interested in starting a business? Check out these useful links. You can also keep up to date with all the latest happenings in the world of taxes, bookkeeping, payroll and the laws that affect you and your business.

Already a client? Looking for your login sites:


QuickBooks for our online accounting. TSheets for your employee time cards. ShareFile for sharing documents securely.

California Minimum Wages Are Changing. Keep Up On The Rates For The State And A Few Local Counties Here.


Click here to check out the new minimum wage rates for California. Did you know that if your employees are working in another county you have to make sure they are receiving minimum wage for that county too? Click here to learn more

Hiring New Employees


You need to get multiple documents completed by your new hire. A few documents needed are: W4, I9, Notice to Employee

Tax Refund or Payments?


Expecting a refund? We all want to collect money due to us as soon as possible. Click these links. You need to know social security number or ITIN, how your much you will be receiving back and your filing status. 


Bookkeeping & Payroll


There are many add-ons to make your business run easier. We recommend the following: QuickBooks Online for keeping track of your income and expenses. TSheets for tracking your employees hours, locations and time spent per job.



Internal Revenue Services - This is the governments site for forms, publications and tax advice.

EDD FAQs for California Independent Contractor Reporting


Employment development Department answers questions answered like: Who has to report, what information to report, when do you have to report and how.

State of CA - Business Info


Information on starting a business in the state of California

State of CA - Independent Contractor or Employee?


Assistance in Determining Independent Contractor or Employee 

Our Suggestions for Office Assistance?


Coming Soon

Our Suggestions for IT Assistance?


Coming Soon

Our Suggestions for Human Resource Assistance?


Coming Soon

Tax News


Want to keep up on all the latest tax info directly from the IRS? Click the picture at left or the button below to read all about the latest happenings, tips and advice from the Internal Revenue Service

The ABC's of Bookkeeping


Find out what it takes to keep your business running smoothly. click picture at left or the button below to read all about it.

Payroll Laws


10 Thing You Need to Know


Do you know the latest payroll laws?  Are you protected?  Read all about what it takes to keep you out of costly lawsuits and claims.  Beaubien Bookkeeping keeps up to date with all the ever changing payroll laws so you don't have to.  Click the picture at left or the button below for the latest in Calfornia Payroll Law

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